with Saatchi&Saatchi + ASA

Areas of Work: Creative Direction, Consumer App, Web App, UI / UX, Art Direction, User Testing, Machine Learning. 

A progressive web app which helps teenagers explore their future by placing every single US career on a map of the stars, pictured as galaxies, stars, planets, etc.

The completely free expreince starts off with a personality quiz based on decades of research by John L. Holland and an in-depth database from the Department of Labor. This initial quiz helps teens create a starting point from which they can explore their interests further.

As they explore their self-evolving galaxies, they can consume content related to each job including masterclass videos, testimonials from professionals and earn rewards and official certifications. The site uses machine-learning to adjust these self-evolving galaxy maps and suggest the next path to continue discovering their future career.

The best part of the app was crafting this engine for learning: introducing teens to education & career possibilities they never knew existed, all inpsired by their own interests and tailored to how they consume content.

For example, it’s natural for teens to want to be an actor because that’s what they’ve heard of, and yet their unique personality may be better suited taking on a different role within the same exciting industry: becoming a producer, a prop designer, a casting director, a cinematographer, a sound technician, etc. There are a lot of opportunities out there that you simply can’t know about in high school, and this app breaks that barrier.